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Quick Overview

  • SwipeBucket is an online tool that lets you save your desired content from the internet and stores it all in one place.
  • You can also manage the stored data in an organized manner with the option to create multiple buckets and sub-buckets.
  • SwipeBucket also lets you share the information you save on the internet with your team to collaborate and interact.
  • With SwipeBucket, get an automatic reminder of your content on your email, keeping track of what you store.
  • Swipebucket will also save the highlights and notes on your books from Kindle, just like data from any website.

Swipebucket Lifetime Deal

In our current lifestyle internet has become an indispensable part of our life. With spending a significant amount of time online, we often come across things that we need for inspiration or guidance. It might seem that saving this content is easy, but the real problem comes when you start to look for this information at times of need.

We don’t realize the amount of time we may end up wasting going through your collection of screenshots, bookmarks, drive storage, and more. So what do you do to organize internet content you come across every day? The answer is simple, start using SwipeBucket. Keep reading to know why you need this efficient tool to keep all your favorite content on the internet all in one place.

What is SwipeBucket?

SwipeBucket is an all-inclusive tool that allows you to save the internet by storing your favorite and required content online in a single place. With SwipeBucket, you can sav everything from text, photos, videos, highlights, and more with a simple swipe. What’s more, SwipeBucket lets you save content from a wide range of websites, including popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Every day you will also get automatic reminders containing all the content that you saved from the internet.

Features of SwipeBucket

Above, we have shared what Swipebucket is and how you can use this comprehensive online tool to save everything from bookmarks to videos all in one place. Now it’s time to learn the top impressive features of SwipeBucket that make it a must-have for every internet user.

Swipebucket 1

Save a variety of content from multiple websites on the internet:

Using Swipebucket, you can save and organize online information from several online websites and blogs. This list includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Youtube, and real estate websites like Zillow.

Organize your content into buckets with different categories:

With SwipeBucket, you can organize internet content into multiple lists called buckets. You can also create sub-buckets, add notes, tags, and stars to the content to make them more easily recognizable to you.

Invite your team members to collaborate more effortlessly:

Collaborating with your team members is now made easier with SwipeBucket. With this online tool, you can share any bucket, sub-bucket, or even cards with your team, allowing them to interact about it.

Save highlights and notes from your favorite books on Kindle:

Swipebucket also works to save content on Kindle to save highlights and notes from your favorite books. In your automatic reminders, you will get a list of the Kindle highlights that you add to your books during the day.

Swipebucket 2

Get a daily email reminder of all your swipes throughout the day:

Now you can keep better track of the information that you save on the internet every day. Receive a daily inbox reminder containing the complete list of swipes and highlights that you make with SwipeBucket.

Share content on your buckets with anyone through email:

SwipeBucket also makes it easy for your to save the internet and share your information. Along with adding your team members to SwipeBucket, you can also forward these data by email or the shared bucket feature.


We hope that going through this article helped you discover a tool to save and organize online information efficiently. With SwipeBucket, you can say goodbye to sifting through cloud storage, folders, screenshots, and URLs. Now save and store your content in an organized manner, thanks to SwipeBucket.

With an option to categorize your favorite content on the internet and an option to get daily inbox reminders, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get SwipeBucket. Get your hands on this all-in-one software to store and share content. From Kindle highlights to Youtube videos, there’s nothing you can’t save with SwipeBucket.

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  • You can use SwipeBucket on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and many leading websites.
  • Add tags, notes, and stars to every content you save to make them easily recognizable.
  • You can share the content directly or send them to anyone through your email.
  • The chrome extension for SwipeBucket allows you to save anything and everything.
  • The automatic reminder includes your internet content and Kindle highlights and notes.
  • Now choose from four different plan options for SwipeBucket based on your needs.
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