Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Companies promote their business on different channels for marketing purposes. But many of them struggle to maintain customer engagement across different channels. Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk is showing a way out to them. Now they can manage customer support across different channels.
  • This customer support platform will immensely help you by answering all of your customers’ queries and requests in time so that you do not have to face any risk of losing them.
  • Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk helps you interact with your customers from multiple channels like Facebook Messenger, Chatbot, Social, etc-all from a single dashboard.
  • This AI-driven tool not only helps in interaction with customers using chatbots but also provides predictive analytics so that you can prepare for demand planning and incident management.
  • This Al-Based Help Desk platform is a good alternative to Freshdesk, Intercom, and Zendesk.

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Lifetime Deal

What is Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk

It is an AI-powered omnichannel customer support platform. It is an all-in-one platform that provides facilities like Help desk, CRM, Ticketing, and Automated technologies.

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Tactful allows your agents to manage all live conversations occurring in different channels such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook comments, Chatbot, and your website from one single dashboard. The dashboard presents a 360degree view of all the customer queries and interactions across different channels to help you never lose track of your customers’ needs.

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk is best for Entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses that are looking to provide excellent and best-in-class customer support at affordable costs.

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Features of Tactful Cognitive Desk

This Al-Based Help Desk platform has some coolest features in its arsenal to help you provide the best customer support. Some of them are mentioned below.


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  • Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk is an AI-powered customer support platform. It comes with comprehensive omnichannel customer support, ticketing, and CRM capabilities using AI-based automation technology to provide the optimum solutions to your customer.
  • Tactful’s AI chatbot provides an excellent chatbot experience to the users 24/7 to help you address their queries anytime they want.
  • An Al-Based Help Desk platform applies intelligent search functions that not only understand specific keywords but also the context behind them and recommend the best possible solutions available.
  • With the integrated ticketing system available in the interface, businesses can organize and simplify their operations by keeping tickets in one place.
  • Tactful allows you to route conversations and requests to the right person automatically.

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  • Tactful’s AI chatbot is a smart self-learning virtual assistant. A self-learning virtual assistance with advanced multilingual AI technology can serve the best conversational experience to the users. You can automate FAQs with an AI chatbot.
  • The system keeps track of customer information, past purchase records, and interactions to recommend the best possible solutions to the users.
  • You can also improve your support system by assessing customers’ reviews for your service.

Plans and Pricing

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk offers three packages to businesses. They are License Tier 1, License Tier 2, And License tier 3. They come with a one-time purchase amount of $69, $139, and $229 respectively.

In License Tier 1, you will receive all the features that are mentioned above with lifetime access for 2 seats.

In License Tier 2, you will have access to 4 seats. With this package, you will get some additional features like AI CMS search, AI FAQ answers, built-in eCommerce automation, AI training importer and exporter, etc.

License Tier 3 offers all the features of License Tier 2 for 6 seats. It includes some special features as well such as unlimited channels, AI FB comment manager, per channel customizations, etc.


Tactful cognitive Helpdesk’s AI and data-driven approach has immensely helped businesses to handle their customer queries efficiently across all channels. By utilizing self-service options, you can also leave repetitive tasks for AI and focus on other important tasks. Provide your customers with the best customer service and help your business grow.

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  • Since Tactful’s AI chatbot lets you manage all the channels from a single dashboard, your agents can focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Tactful is transforming customer experience and workplace collaboration in businesses.
  • Tactful uses unique and multilingual AI technology to personalize and automate conversations between your organization and customers.
  • Using this Al-Based Help Desk platform, you can help your customers with self-service options. It will also save your time from solving simple and repetitive issues.
  • Using Tactful’s AI-based service, you can automatically convert purchasing requests, bookings, and refunds into a placed order. You will also not require any agent support to place cancellations and product complaint requests.
  • Tactful offers you one centralized dashboard that you can use for ticketing and omnichannel communication. It helps you keep track of every customer request.
  • Faster customer support makes a business more reliable. TActful Cognitive Helpdesk helps you address all your customers’ queries quickly and efficiently.
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