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Quick Overview

  • TexAu is a growth automation tool that will help you generate new leads for your business using social media data.
  • This tool has automation recipes for almost 23 platforms and websites, with an option to create a custom automation for you.
  • You have control over how many times the spice or automation script runs, providing you a detailed log data.
  • TexAu even lets you combine different automation to create a complex workflow designed for your website.
  • The TexAu Drip Campaigns allow you to run drip campaigns on LinkedIn with a personalized image and video support.

TexAu Lifetime Deal

Every business struggles with lead generation at some point in time. For some companies, it’s within their initial stages of starting the business, whereas, for some, this period comes a little later where they can’t struggle to expand their customer base. Irrespective of which stage you are at, the process of generating leads and regularly converting them into sales is not easy.

For this purpose, businesses usually rely on online software that works based on different algorithms. Some of these are more effective than others. But today, we are sharing with you a lead generator that will give you highly satisfactory results. Say hello, to TexAu, a powerful automation tool for finding, improving, and managing your leads.

What is TexAu?

TexAu is a growth automation toolbox that uses your social media data and processes it through the comprehensive platform to generate leads for your business. TexAu has many pre-made automation recipes that you can employ for your website. You also get the option to combine the automation or request a new one. This tool works with many leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Quora, Slack, Reddit, Google, and many more. This marketing automation tool lets you create custom workflows for your website. With TexAu, you can generate new leads, contact them and convert them into sales.

Features of TexAu

We hope that by now, you have a good understanding of what TezAu is and how it works. It’s time to go through some of the features that make TexAu the best lead generation automation solution.

Integrates with 23 leading social media platforms and websites:

This growth automation platform integrates with up to 23 social media and marketing platforms. The list includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Quora, Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn, Medium, Pinterest, Hunter, and Snovio.

Choose from the pre-made public automation recipes:

With TexAu, you get to pick between more than 180 marketing automation tools. Just copy the spice you like the best to your account and apply it to your workflow. You can even create a custom automation for you.

Create new workflows by connecting different automation:

You can choose from the vast list of pre-made automation for your website. Connect these to create a complex workflow of your lead generator. Drag and drop all your automation together for an intuitive interface.

Drip Campaigns on LinkedIn with image and video support:

The growth automation toolbox lets you design drip campaigns for your LinkedIn, with hyper-personalized messages. It allows you to enrich data from your users and prospects across any region or vertical.

Directly reach out to targeted employees from companies:

This lead generation automation solution enables you to reach out to targeted employees from any company. It will be helpful in focused outreach for the leads generated for your business.

The simplified dashboard allows you to manage all your data:

TexAu has a simple dashboard that lets you manage all your lead and customer data. With this growth automation platform, you can manage everything like cookies, URLs, usernames in a single dashboard.


Through this article, we have introduced you to a lead generation automation solution for your business. Through this tool, you can effortlessly generate new leads and give a boost to your sales. Using social media data with automation, integration, and workflows, you will have no problem attracting new customers to your website.

TexAu has various lead generation and marketing automation tools that will give you definite results with minimal effort. This automation tool works across all leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Quora, Twitter, and many more. Get TexAu now and start generating new leads for your website in minutes.

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  • You can also create a complex workflow by connecting automation.
  • TexAu makes use of social media data to find ways of generating new leads for you.
  • Choose from pre-made automation recipes, and drag and drop them to your account.
  • Find targeted employees from companies through LinkedIn for focused outreach.
  • TexAu has more than 180 automation for up to 20 different social media platforms.
  • It is perfect for everyone from sales teams and agencies to entrepreneurs.
  • More than 9000 websites and companies use TexAu for generating their leads.
  • You can choose from ten different plan options depending on your preference.
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