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Quick Overview

  • If you want to introduce your products to the global market but feel like you are missing out on something in translation, then TextUnited is the best solution for you. TextUnited is a translation management system that made it super easy for you to translate your content and localize your products or services.
  • Companies from all over the world use TextUnited to optimize the localization process and reduce translation complexities. Thus they will be able to achieve international growth in a limited time.
  • TextUnited helps your brand remove the barricade created by language differences and create a firm grasp in the global market.
  • This translation tool is most beneficial for small businesses and start-ups that are willing to provide fully automated translation services for their products and software to the global audience.

TextUnited Lifetime Deal

What is TextUniited

TextUnited is known as a translation management system that enables automated translation and globalization solutions to businesses for all of their multilingual needs.

It is a cloud-based translation management provider that helps you communicate accurately and authentically to your customers in any international market. You can easily cultivate long-lasting relationships with your customers by serving them in their local languages. The system enables the companies to make the translation process fast and simple, and most cost-effective. You need to outsource the content to TextUnited first and then apply those translated pages to your website.

Features of TextUnited

TextUnited is the best translation management system as it possesses some of the most important translation features a business requires to reach to global scale. A few features are mentioned below.

  • TextUnited lets you translate your WordPress website in just a few clicks and you can start localizing unlimited websites within minutes.
  • It is a self-service translation system that lets you decide who will translate the content.
  • In the full editor, you can keep track of the overall translation process.
  • TextUnited combines machine translations, terminology technologies, CAT tools, data processing engines, etc so that users can satisfy all their needs regarding language translations.

  • With these translation tools online, you will be getting easy access to powerful translation technology and professional translators. It will immensely help you connect with your global audience.
  • It also lets you switch to the full editor so that you can translate multiple segments and also track the progression of different translation tasks.

  • TextUnited localisations allow three types of localisations such as eCommerce localisations, E-Learning localisations, and Software localisations.
  • With the repetition recognition feature, you can keep your translation costs low as you no longer need to translate the same content twice.
  • TextUnited also includes Multiple UX, intuitive UI, restful APIs, etc.

Plans and Pricing

TextUnited comes with three packages named License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier 3. They are available in one-time purchase amounts of $69, $119, $219.


In License Tier 1, users will get all the above-mentioned features with 5000 new source codes every single month. An account can be shared among 3 users.


In License Tier 2, users get all the features that are mentioned and 10,000 new source codes per month. Maximum 5 users can share a single account.


In License Tier 3 users will get 15,000 new source code every single month with all the features that are mentioned above.

With any of these purchases, users get lifetime access to the present TextUnited features with all the future updates. You can go for the package that your business requirements. You can also avail your money back within 60 days if you are not satisfied with the service.



If you want to have professional translators and powerful translating tools to reach global customers, then TextUnited is the best solution for you. It is a great platform that helps you create a collaborative translator environment. TextUnited is a self-service translation system that is very helpful for small businesses. Using its automated translation and localization features, brands can create their global presence without worrying about language boundaries.

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  • Using TextUnited, you can translate and localize over 30+ types of files into 170+ languages with integrations and plugins.
  • TextUnited provides a collaborative translation environment to the users. It is a combination of professional translators, domain experts, and technology.
  • It is a self-service centralized translation system where your team members can handle all kinds of multilingual projects in a single portal.
  • Using the TextUnited WordPress plugin, you can translate and localize WordPress websites and reach out to global customers. While getting started, connect the plugin to the account and configure translation settings and select the pages you would like to translate.
  • Besides translating your website, TextUnited offers multilingual customer support using Zendesk integration.
  • This self-service translation system automatically detects the language of each ticket quickly and translates it into over 170+ languages accurately. You can also save all the translations for future use.
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