Teyuto Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Teyuto is a customized video on demand platform that allows you to offer proprietary online video.
  • With Teyuto, you can earn income by monetizing your videos by creating a series and choosing a payment plan.
  • Teyuto allows you to stay connected with your audience through video comments and direct messages.
  • Using Teyuto, you can create a personalized video channel with flexible playback technology.
  • Teyuto’s intuitive dashboard offers complete analytics of your videos, earnings, and audience engagement.

Teyuto Lifetime Deal

For any business, videos are an attractive and engaging way of communicating with your audience. Being an interactive medium, they help deliver your message better. But most video-streaming platforms available are either too complicated to use or have an unattractive design that gives your business an unflattering look.

But what if we suggest that you create your video streaming platform. We know what you might be thinking. The process is too complicated, time-consuming, and highly expensive. However, today we will share a Customized VOD Platform that allows you to upload videos and earn an income. Say hello to Teyuto.

What is Teyuto?

Teyuto is an online video platform that allows users to build their video channels with informative and engaging videos. With Teyuto, you can upload, manage, and organize your videos and even monetize them to derive an income. To monetize your content, add your videos to a series and select an appropriate price plan. Collect feedback from your customer by engaging them with direct messages or comments. This web-based video platform offers detailed analytics to share your video channel’s performance with the Google Analytics integration. The tool also integrates with Facebook pixel, Twitter pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Zapier.


Features of Teyuto

Now that we have explained what Teyuto is, it’s time to learn how to use this tool to deliver your online videos worldwide. Here are the top features of Teyuto that make it a must-have for every video creator:

Create your customized video platform without any coding:

With this Customized VOD Platform, you can create your video channel for your business. Start by choosing a pre-designed template for your platform and start uploading videos without any coding requirement.


Offer videos on demand and reach audiences across the globe:

Using Teyuto, you can reach millions of viewers across the globe with your interactive videos. With this online video platform, you can offer content in multiple languages in the form of live and recorded videos.


Monetize videos by creating series with varying payment plans:

Along with earning global exposure, you can monetize your videos and collect money in the form of subscriptions. On this web-based video platform, choose between monthly subscriptions or one-time fixed price sales.


Offer flexible video services with uninterrupted live coverage:

Teyuto has an innovative video technology that enables you to offer continuous video playback. With Teyuto’s advanced streaming algorithm, you can offer uninterrupted live streaming for your online videos worldwide.


Keep in touch with your community with engaging communication:

With Teyuto, you can get connected with your viewers and receive direct feedback from them. Using this Customized VOD Platform, your viewers can reach out to you via direct messages on the platform or leave comments under your videos.


The detailed analytics on audience interaction and preference:

This online video platform will share statistics on the performance of your videos and viewers. Get details about your view time, view rating, and watchtime so that you can optimize your content and boost your viewership.



We hope this article shares with you an inclusive web-based video platform that delivers your videos across the globe. With Teyuto, you can reach a wider audience and start earning by monetizing your videos without paying a cent for commission. You can pick from a pre-designed template for your layout and start uploading your videos.

With Teyuto, you can keep in touch with your viewers with various communication modes such as direct messaging and video comments. The simplified dashboard will give you all the analytics you need to know about your viewership, earning, and audience response. If you are looking for an inclusive platform to share your online videos worldwide, then you can’t miss out on this deal.

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  • Teyuto enables you to create content for your global audience in multiple languages.
  • Keep every cent you earn on Teyuto without paying a commission or fee to anyone.
  • Personalize your video channel by adding your logo and favicons to your landing page.
  • Offer both live and pre-recorded videos with Teyuto to give your audience what they like.
  • Ensure the complete safety of your data with the HLS and other data encryptions.
  • Collaborate with users and assign managing roles to members of your audience.
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