TidyCal Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • TidyCal is the most affordable calendar booking application that helps to schedule your meeting easier with booking pages, customization, and calendar integrations.
  • This calendar booking app helps with meeting management where you can schedule your meeting easily.
  • TidyCal is a simple booking solution that can save you from the hassle of constant emailing.
  • This calendar management application makes meeting scheduling easier throughout your calendars without any hassle.

TidyCal Lifetime Deal

TidyCal is a meeting scheduling solution that makes it simple to get more bookings and manage your calendar. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that helps you integrate all your calendars in minutes. This application can help you add 10 calendar connections for every account and readily detect the time zones of the recipient.

This simple booking solution makes sure that you do not have to worry about scheduling your meetings again. Multiple calendar integrations are easier with this solution and you can also connect your Google calendars. Solving the problems of booking your business meeting in the case of personal obligation is easier with the most affordable calendar booking application.


This application comes with a Zapier integration that allows you to sync lots of additional tools to the application, hence automating your workflow. You can readily connect each of your calendars for avoiding conflicts. Apart from that, defining the calendar you look forward to registering your events with is also easier as you can add your Google account. You can easily simplify the schedule by readily integrating all the Google calendars into this application. This calendar booking app also is likely to come with further options in the future.

About TidyCal

TidyCal helps you integrate your calendar and makes it easier to set up various booking pages. It is a simple booking solution that can help you create a booking page for free when it comes to your prospects. You can also create a paid booking page for your clients. Set your meeting schedule on autopilot when your computers manually happen to be wasting their time in emailing back and forth for setting up meetings.

It is a calendar management solution that can readily help you to specify the time locks when it comes to availability. You can add your gap times a day so that it can help you take your breaks when you need to. Apart from that, setting your availability is also easier with this application. TidyCal allows you to specify the time blocks when you happen to be available. This is guided towards helping you to take the break you deserve.

You can come across a booking page that can help you represent your brand. It comes with customization options that match the overall Outlook and feel of your business or brand with the booking page. This scheduling solution helps you take your business to the Global platform. You are going to appreciate the automatic translation options that are tailor-made for your booking page as well as you can also book your emails in the regional language of your audience.



  • Booking page widget: For achieving additional control on your booking page, you can readily embed a booking page widget immediately on your website. This makes the entire process hassle-free and smooth. It can also help you get in touch with anyone easily.
  • Get information upfront: TidyCal is a calendar booking app that helps you schedule earlier so that you can save time. It can also help you get all the data upfront regarding your prospective clients who book the meeting.
  • Get confirmation mails: TidyCal helps you to get a confirmation email after your meeting happens to be booked. This is for both ends, so you and your client or a prospect who booked the meeting.
  • Rescheduling and canceling options: This meeting booking application comes with sample options to reschedule or cancel your meeting. This can help you be clear about your booking in the long run.


  • Chat options: TidyCal makes chatting with your clients and prospects easy. Also, with simple options to reschedule or cancel your meeting, you can readily coordinate throughout calendars as well as time zones.


Now that you are aware of this calendar booking, without a further wait, grab this deal before anyone else grabs it. This application requires no stacking or coding and you can simply pick the plan that you think is right for you. It is time that you take control of the calendar and make everything easy to manage the bookings with your clients, prospects, and more. Get easy access today.

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  • You can schedule paid or free meetings with prospects, clients, and more.
  • Planning meetings without constant emailing and immediately creating booking pages is easy with this application.
  • Alternative to Doodle and Calendly
  • Ideal for marketing agencies, project managers, and sales teams who look forward to a hassle-free manner of scheduling meetings.
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