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  • The best minds and technology partners to create a new paradigm.
  • Records and privacy troubles spiraling out of control.
  • Complexity is growing as more data gets uploaded to the cloud.
  • New applications require sharing records between many specific parties.

Treasure Lifetime Deal

People are storing an increasing number of records online so determining the safety and privateness controls that human beings have to be had to them. Found that when signing up to cloud storage, you are required to conform to the terms and conditions and this common method gives permission to your statistics to be viewed, analyzed, or even sold.  This becomes wrong so to overcome this issue, Treasure is truly non-public for users to store their statistics.

Even as some corporations provide cloud storage, encryption, or the capacity to control multiple cloud storage locations in a single place. The only one who gives you all three into one place is Treasure. Treasure is an environment where your statistics cannot be accessed by way of all of us other than you!

All your records are covered with your encryption key, which we will backup securely for you, so even though it’s misplaced, it can be recovered.

About Treasure

Treasure cloud is a new cloud storage carrier that gives up to 800GB of free cloud storage space. It’s miles primarily based in Singapore, with offices in London.

Treasure is fairly secure; it gives zero-knowledge encryption for all files stored on its platform. But, its privacy coverage leaves several data vulnerable.

Treasure is a brand new service, so I didn’t expect an excessive amount inside the manner of functions, and to be sincere, it could do better. However, treasure manages to impress with a few beneficial functions and attend to two regions where it especially shines: document previews and cloud management.


Treasure lets you join your accounts from dropbox, google power, one drive, Box, and iCloud to access them in one vicinity.

Treasure cloud has added together the finest minds and generation companions to create a brand new paradigm.  They believe that information and privateness troubles spiral out of control. The hassle is overwhelming. Complexity is growing as extra data gets uploaded to the cloud. New applications require sharing facts between many one-of-a-kind events and therefore have developed the number of modern merchandise.



  • Treasure is an environment in which your data can’t be accessed by anyone apart from you! All of your records are highly protected along with your very own encryption key, which we will backup securely for you, so although it’s lost, it may be recovered.
  • Speed is something that all of us need when we use the cloud for storage, file sharing, and collaboration with others. Suffering for hours to add data to the cloud will be irritating. For a further layer of security, you can opt for zero-knowledge. Treasure won’t even store the account’s recovery keys in case you forget your password.


  • Security is the key for many people when you upload data to the cloud. Even though treasure encrypts all documents the user gives up earlier than uploading them to the cloud, they shield the statistics so clients will no longer have to worry about it.
  • Searching and manipulating all of your files in your multiple clouds with treasure’s enhanced advantageous search bar – a one-stop tool to stay on the pinnacle of your cloud account.


At face cost, treasure cloud looks as if it is a promising cloud garage service. Take a glance at the probably huge free cloud space it gives, and you would possibly turn a blind eye to some of its evident failures. But, when those failures encompass extreme private worries and a total lack of customer support, it’s clear to see that treasure has a long, long way to head before it earns our recommendation. It is supplying you with amazing features, along with an extra layer of protection-free. Who knows, it would even dominate the cloud garage marketplace in the coming years!

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  • Treasure cloud is a Singapore-based cloud carrier that gives certainly one of the largest free cloud storage referral applications.
  • Treasure comes with 10GB of free storage, which can be expanded to 800GB thru referrals.
  • Despite imparting zero-knowledge encryption, treasure cloud’s privacy policy is a reason for the challenge.
  • Share documents with the peace of mind that simplest your intended recipient will ever have access to.
  • Best for: undertaking managers, solopreneurs, and cloud account lovers who want an easy approach to combine all cloud storage
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