TruConversion Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Quickly track your funnel’s performance to find out what’s working and what’s not
  • Alternative to: HotJar and Funnelytics
  • Use optimization tools like heatmaps, session recordings, and form analytics, plus connect to customers with surveys
  • Best for: Marketing professionals, media managers, and email marketers looking to monitor and improve their funnels

TruConversion Lifetime Deal- Marketing strategies are vital for the success of any business, whether online or offline. However, Online businesses need better monitoring tools to estimate and analyze the response to the strategies employed. For any website, it becomes difficult to monitor the complete activities of its visitors.

In situations like this, businesses can employ analytical tools like TruConversion to obtain easy funnel tracking and determining new ways to increase their sales. TruConversion is an efficient application that offers you a complete insight into the activities of your visitors. It also provides you feedback and suggestions that help convert the visitors on your website to your customers.

Why do online businesses need TruConversion? 

But before we get started on the various features of TruConversion, it is essential to understand why businesses need a Funnel conversion tool like this. Here are a few reasons why your website needs TruConversion:

  • It helps identify the most viewed and the least viewed areas on your website. 
  • Directly gather feedback from customers by way of forms and surveys.
  • It identifies the patterns of customers in reading pages on your website.
  • Compares the clicks on different pages before and after making changes to it. 
  • Recognizes what content the customers respond to more and which ones go ignored.
  • It helps improve the navigation on your website.
  • Finds the pages or areas where customers log off from your websites.
  • Also, identifies any distracting or unnecessary parts on your website.

Top Features of TruConversion:

TruConversion has many great features that can help any online business irrespective of its size, audience, and services. Here are some of the innovative features of the application, briefly explained: 

  • Heat maps:

This tool catalogs the activities of visitors to our website. From clicks, scrolls, and hovers, you can get a detailed report about how the visitor spent their time on your visit. Session recording saves all this information for reference in the future.

  • Funnel Analytics:

truconversion 1

This feature of the TruConversion demonstrates the course a visitor takes on your website. The Funnel conversion tool identifies out of the total views which ones get converted into final sales. It also helps you identify at which stage visitors drop off your website.

  • Visitor Recordings:

truconversion 3

This feature lets you view the complete browsing of customers on your website. The Session recording feature is also activated automatically by setting triggers from your end. With this, you can see at which stage of the sale funnel customers stop using your website.

  • Form Analytics:

truconversion 4 1DV6wAb

Another great feature of TruConversion is the Form analytics. It helps track and recognize the actions of visitors while completing any forms. Apart from the data filled by the visitors, you can also know the total time spent for submitting it. It includes a breakdown for each section, including the frequency of the use of the backspace key.

  • Customer surveys and Micro surveys:

Another popular conversion optimization tool in TruConversion is Customer surveys. You can ask your customers direct questions via email or by providing a direct link. Micro surveys are popup windows that take instant feedback from customers. These are limited to 1-2 simple questions.


If you are looking for a comprehensive analytical tool, then TruConversion is the best application for you. It collects and compiles all your marketing data into easy-to-understand statistics. The added featured tools provided are also helpful in performing many considerable functions. Form analytics, for example, will monitor the complete activities of the customers when filling any form on your website, including deletions, drop-offs, and blank entries.

Using TruConversion for your online store, you will be able to increase your revenues. You will also gain the necessary insight into the minds of your customers. It will give you a better understanding of things your customers like and things they don’t like. Their direct feedback in the form of surveys will help you in providing better services in the future. The Conversion optimization tool will provide feedback that enables rendering better services in the future.

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  • Heatmaps
  • Screen Recording
  • Form Field Report
  • Surveys & Microsurveys
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