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In the early years, SEO was the primary reason for website success. SEO is nothing but the idea of including content on the website so that it has the potential to improve your website visibility to the users and bring organic traffic. SEO professionals are concentrated mainly on ranking #1 for their golden keyword. They are no doubt using tracking tools to monitor their growth over time. The idea of SEO at the same time should also tackle the measures taken by Google. There are tools to work around the CAPTCHA form. Google will block the IP if repeated queries are made from that one location. Keywords will rank differently from different locations because of the traffic of different mindsets. SEO serves your page to users in a more relevant manner. Doing SEO is free since Google wants to keep the search content useful and trustworthy. 

SEO tools help do SEO efficiently and increase traffic for sure over time. It also promotes an increase in quality traffic at the same time. SEO is one of the most cost-effective things that can be done to increase traffic. 

TrueRanker Lifetime Deal

Tracking the rank is checking the ranking position of keywords on which a website ranks in the google search results. Google ranking is important if you want to make your website visible to the public. The fact can’t be neglected that creating the website, listing your products and services is not even fifty percent of the business. If you are thinking of selling your services online, then you must make sure that your website is growing. And that can only be done by analyzing it from time to time. A good SEO rank tracking tool can serve the purpose.


Rank tracking helps you analyze the position of a particular keyword at a particular time. 

What is True Ranker?


True Ranker is a Google rank tracker used by many startups and big companies around the world. It is an SEO Rank tracking tool that provides very precise information about the position of your keywords and the status of its current ranking depending on different geolocations from where the search is done. Rank Tracker boasts a platform that helps you watch your SEO strategy and maximize it anytime, anywhere. In addition, true Ranker tracks the competition and generates reports and required improvements. 


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● Automatic Daily update

● Unlimited rank history

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● App and web access

● Competition data

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● WordPressgeneratesWordPress plugin

● Domain keyword research

● Cannibalization detector

● Google search data

● Google Chrome SEO tracking


True Ranker can be accessed via mobile app, WordPress, and web. It is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use SEO tool that is continuously evolving. 

It flawlessly monitors domains, Google SERP position on a priority and daily basis for a given location from aby device. 

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It is officially integrated with Google Search Console and the True Ranker database. 

It can also keep an eye on cannibalization that can decompose the visibility of your website.




It doesn’t matter what your strategy is among your competitors. True Ranker helps you be on the top of the keyword you link and assures that you are not skipping traffic. Integrating with Google Search Console, which we discussed earlier, can help you keep track of the most relevant keyword blooming around the globe daily. Not just that, you also saw how easy it is to share dynamic reports with colleagues and clients. The True Ranker is a great tool if you want to analyze the rank of keywords attached to your website. If you are focused on making your website rank on google, you should go nowhere but True Ranker.

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● True Ranker also provides a plugin for WordPress and boasts that you can now get a free SEO tool that feeds you with total control of geolocated results on google with nearly 100% accuracy. 


● True Ranker is a powerful keyword rank tracker that offers actual information of the keywords based on the country or city the search is made from. 


● You can also get a brief on your keyword behavior at different locations to know the level at which your keyword appears in other states or cities.


● It offers plans for small as well as enterprise-level websites. 


● It also boasts a local rank checker and Tracker tool.


● Rank Tracker also helps you understand your website ranking on different search engines. 


● True Ranker helps you push automatic emails whenever you want, the emails fetching the information of keywords position and additional required information. 


● With this tool, you can keep track of boosting metrics like domains, subdomains, folders, and Chrome extensions. 


● True RANKER provides you with the option of feedback that can help improve your rankings and overall SEO

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