UpContent Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • UpContent is a curated articles app that allows you to find, distribute and integrate relevant third-party content to your audience in a budget-friendly way.
  • It is classified under the industries like cryptocurrency, social media marketing & managing, healthcare, integration of knowledge, communities, and software, etc.
  • UpContent utilizes its own exclusive crawler and scoring algorithms to post over 3 million articles every month.

UpContent Lifetime Deal

What is UpContent

UpContent helps you to get curated content for multiple platforms, including daily work, social media posts, eCommerce marketing, healthcare, financing advisories, and many more. It additionally allows you to work with curated content tools as you can discover, curate, and share informative content to boost your website traffic and revenue.

This platform is best for the creators, marketers, influencers, and sales professionals who deliberately want to save their valuable time by finding unique content to keep their audiences engaged. Moreover, you can discover high-quality, informative content strategically curated from thousands of articles in over 15 languages. This website facilitates unifying tools and scoring algorithms that focus on relevance, shareability, and impact of the content. Besides, you can filter the best content based on the publisher and publishing date to the surface.

In the straightforward method, UpContent could be a cooperative content creating platform that will enhance the audience engagement in various sectors by following some easy steps-

UpContent 3

  • The general framework of the areas and main challenges –

– This website makes a general framework of any sector given and finds out its main challenges. It stays integrated with your social media, email, website, and other distribution channels to maximize the return on investment (ROI) on the total marketing investment. By creating the domain internationally, you gain a better rate of customer engagement and edges that area unit conveniently within the modern competitive market.

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  • Guidelines to accomplish the challenges –

– To increase workflow, the incorporation of innovative software and content creating

tools like the one offered by UpContent are required.


– You can use the content of this website with a monthly and annual subscription. You will be

able to add articles you find in any other platform outside UpContent directly into a

collection or through the Chrome plugin.

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  • Advantages of the collaboration software system –

– You can collaborate with the other members of your team and take the help of their

expertise utilizing approval workflows that fulfill the requirements of your organization.

– You can ensure the exact amount of content is getting delivered to your audiences regularly.

Besides, this platform provides additional integrations of any tool that can receive RSS/

ATOM feed also.




UpContent, a platform that millions of graphical illustrations, and curated content for multiple platforms, has already invested a massive amount of dollars in developing their economic and scalable technologies-

  • Unlimited users.
  • Machine learning algorithms to bring the most suitable articles according to your need.
  • Native integration of favorites like Zapier, Hootsuite, Buffer, HubSpot
  • Custom website and email implementation
  • Custom article and image summary adding
  • Chrome extension is available after the latest UI/UX update.
  • UpContent 2


  • RSS integration with social media management and email marketing is available to engage more audiences through your custom topic.
  • You can access our platform through any device including iOS, and Windows.


Plans and Pricing

Deal Terms-

  • Lifetime access opportunity to UpContent.
  • Updates for all future curated plans.
  • No need for codes and stacking. Just get yourself started by choosing a plan that is appropriate for you.
  • High security and skilled instant GDPR complaint.
  • You have to activate your license within 60 days of your purchase.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Optional add-on feature of HTML email integration for $ 15 a month.
  • You can upgrade or degrade your license at any time between the three license tiers.
  • Optional add-on of the additional domain for $ 15 each month per domain.

UpContent offers a period deal that is priced at $ 265- $ 49 (per month) and $ 238.50- $ 13.50 (per year) with a 10% saving.



UpContent consists of handy features to keep the content curation as convenient as possible. Utilize the images you have taken the license for everything! With UpContent, you can prepare automated rules for “hands-free” curation, whether you want to automate the overall workflow or a single task. Hence, get a grip on the expertise of your entire team by collaborating with UpConent now!

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  • These are the most efficient and best high-quality, relevant content accessible within the market. Curating helps you to frequently provide your audience with valuable, informative, and relatable content without spinning it all by yourself.
  • UpContent offers you all the facilities in their subscription you would like to have for the extra peace in your mind. You can find and share amazing third-party articles with your audiences that might appear to be relevant as per their interests.
  • UpContent makes it convenient to speed up the manual approval of your articles. Now, you can easily leverage UpContent on any device to recheck and approve content before you share them on different channels.


  • As you can curate articles manually, you can create your own summary of every article and arrange them into collections so that you can easily find them later.
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