Uppbeat Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Uppbeat is a music platform and library with unlimited soundtracks across all genres. 
  • This platform is available for use under two options, Free and Premium, that have restricted and unlimited usage.  
  • Uppbeat library consists of soundtracks by real artists and musicians and is updated regularly to add new tracks.
  • Use tracks without the worry of copyrights strikes or demonetization of your videos. 
  • Uppbeat is best suitable for YouTubers, social media content creators, and other media creators.

Uppbeat Lifetime Deal

The rise of social media has paved the way for many unconventional and innovative job aspects. A lot of these jobs are related to the creation and management of digital content. One form of online content that has experienced immense growth in the past few years is video. Many essential elements are required to make a good quality video.

One such major component of a great video is its background music. But you can’t use any musical score for the background score of your videos. On leading platforms like Youtube, there are issues such as copyright strikes and demonetization of videos. For this purpose, you need soundtracks that are permissible by their creators for such use. Today we will talk about one platform that provides a library of soundtracks for videos and other digital content. 

What is Uppbeat? 

Uppbeat is an online library with unlimited music soundtracks available for online creators. The genres of music available are endless, with free and unlimited music download options. Though Uppbeat has a premium subscription, it is also available for free option with limited usage. From the Uppbeat library, you can download music for YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and every video sharing platform.


Features of Uppbeat

Now that we have shared what Uppbeat is, it’s time to understand some of its features. Here are a few highlights about Uppbeat that make this platform unique:

Unlimited library of free tracks: 

Uppbeat has an endless library with soundtracks for every occasion. So whether you are looking for a background score for your wedding announcement video or clothing haul, Uppbeat got you covered. 

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High-quality soundtracks: 

All the tracks available on Uppbeat are the best quality scores. The list also includes instrumental, acoustic, and original background sounds. With Uppbeat, you can enjoy high-quality music for YouTube

Download tracks for your videos: 

With Uppbeat, you can also enjoy unlimited music downloads. Even the Free plan offers ten downloads per month, with the Premium users enjoying the unlimited downloads option. 

uppbeat lifetime deal

Whitelist your Youtube videos easily: 

Using Uppbeat’s soundtracks as background music for YouTube, you don’t have to worry about your videos getting copyright strikes. Just mention the track’s credits in the video description, and you are good to go.

Multiple genres with search options: 

Upbeats hosts soundtracks from loads of genres suitable for every mood and situation. Enjoy unlimited music download without copyright issues for videos across all social media platforms.

Unique search options for your comfort:

The innovative search options make it easy for you to find the perfect background score for your content. With Uppbeat, you have the customization options of choosing between male, female, or even instrumental scores.

Find your new favorite artists:

Apart from finding unlimited music downloads, you can also discover a new artist with Uppbeat. With an impressive range of talented artists featuring their craft on Uppfeat, you are very likely to find your next favorite artist.


Whether you are a YouTuber or an upcoming social media content creator, you can’t deny the importance of good quality background tracks for your videos. Using the unlimited soundtrack library of Uppbeat, your chances of finding the perfect soundtrack for your videos just get amplified. 

The endless selection of tracks for every occasion takes all the stress of finding good background music off your shoulders. Uppbeat even lets you enjoy unlimited music download without copyright issues, ensuring that your videos get whitelisted for life. So if you are someone thinking of venturing into digital content creation or a seasoned creator, join Uppbeat now. 


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  • It has an unlimited music library that is updated with new soundtracks regularly. 
  • High-quality music scores that include both original and instrumental mixes. 
  • Whitelist your Youtube videos with the use of Uppbeat strike-free background scores.
  • Uppbeat features tracks from musicians and artists from across the world. 
  • Choose from Uppbeat’s impressive library covering every genre. 
  • Download unlimited tracks for all types of free video content-sharing websites. 
  • The free plan has access to the library and ten downloads permissible per month.
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