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Quick Overview

  • uSchema is an automated WordPress plugin that boosts your website’s backend coding for improved optimization.
  • With uSchema, you can increase the ranking, traffic, and click-through rate for your online content.
  • uSchema allows you to choose from the impressive range of scheme types or create one yourself.
  • Using uSchema, you can get access to over 800+ scheme types, items, and presets for all your needs.
  • uSchema integrates with all your trusted WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, ACF, Meta Box, Pods, and more.

uSchema Lifetime Deal

When managing an online website or blog, almost every website on the internet has a common goal. Everyone wants to receive maximum traffic and viewership to their content and thereby employ different marketing and optimization techniques like SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, and more. But irrespective of these efforts, have you ever wondered about the role your backend code plays.

Irrespective of your dedicated efforts in creating and promoting your content, the ranking of your web pages on search engines relies on your website’s backend coding. To anyone looking to optimize their traffic, we have the perfect solution. Say hello to uSchema, the Ultimate Rich Data Schema plugin for your website.

What is uSchema?

uSchema is a WordPress plugin using which you can integrate advance structured data on your website to boost your search engine ranking. With uSchema, you can work any scheme suitable for your content or design a new one. You can also combine different types to create a custom scheme for your site. uSchema allows you to boost the recognition accuracy of the essential web pages on your site like the homepage, about us, contact us, and more. Increase the visibility of your content by adding advanced metadata. You have a wide selection of over 800+scheme types that include everything from products, services, articles, businesses, how-to’s, books, recipes, and much more.


Features of uSchema

Now that we have shared what eSchema is and how you can use this plugin to structure web page metadata and schema, it’s time to learn why you need this tool for your WordPress website. Here are the top features of uSchema that make it a must-have for any WordPress site:


Create schema for products, articles, and more from 800+ categories:

Using uSchema, you can now build a schema for any content on your WordPress website. You can import advanced schemas from an impressive selection of more than 800 schema types to find the most suitable style.


Include sitewide schema for accurate recognition of your primary web pages:

uSchema allows you to create a specified schema style if you don’t find the one suitable for your needs. You can generate an Ultimate Rich Data Schema by building it from scratch or combining two existing styles.


Now choose an existing style or build a schema for your requirement:

With uSchema, you can ensure that the vital pages on your website get the desired recognition. Now integrate advance structured data from essential pages like the homepage, contact us, about us on your website.


Map your schemas automatically or link to your current post metadata:

Using uSchema, you don’t have to manually map the pages on your WordPress site unless you want to. Now you can automatically mark up your website by linking your new content to the existing post’s advanced metadata.


Enhance the visibility of your website content with increased data accuracy:

The advanced structure web page metadata and schema of uSchema help boost the viewership of your content. Website owners and SEO agencies can use this tool to increase the ranking and traffic of their webpage.


Integrate with other WordPress plugins like Meta Box, ACF, and Toolset:

This plugin does so much more than Import advanced schemas for your website. Its integration with other WordPress apps, plugins, and themes like ACF, Pods, Metabox, WooCommerce, and Toolset makes everything easier for you.



We hope this article shares with you the Ultimate Rich Data Schema for your WordPress website. Using uSchema, you can now ensure that your website ranks higher in search engine rankings and attracts increased traffic towards your content. You have the freedom to find the accurate schema for your content or design a new type based on your preferences.

With uSchema, you can assure that your web pages are getting better correctly detected by search engines. Thanks to this plugin, anyone can integrate advance structured data for your current and future posts. Use Advanced Schema to access 800+ supported schema types for your website. So start using uSchema to make your website the top-ranked site in search engine rankings.

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  • Get support for all WordPress post types for the wide selection of content options.
  • Have the freedom to combine different schema types for your custom requirements.
  • Integrate uSchema with all your favorite existing WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Boost your website’s optimization with uSchema’s advanced tools and features.
  • Add your social media handles to your website to make them easily recognizable.
  • Optimize the speed of your WordPress website without any third-party AJAX calls.
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