Vadootv Player Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Vadootv Player is an ad-unbound video hosting platform for online marketing.
  • The player comes with highly customizable tools that will allow you to edit the color, text, and font on video, making them identical to your brand logo. 
  • Vadootv Player enables you to add watermarks, thumbnails, and CTAs to your videos. It helps grasp the attention of the viewers and makes your videos more interactive. 
  • With Vadootv Player, you can either directly upload your videos to the platform or import them from other video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo.

Vadootv Player Lifetime Deal

Videos are an innovative and exciting way of interacting with customers for any business. Whether you are sharing your products and services or responding to customer suggestions and feedback, videos are more likely to get the point across quickly. Videos are a more effective and personalized way of communication than an email or blog post.

It is the primary reason why many online businesses are shifting their focus towards video marketing. But interruptions to your videos in the form of ads can be annoying to the viewers. It might cause them to either click off or get distracted from your content. For overcoming such scenarios, you need an ad-free video hosting platform.


What is VadooTv Player?

Vadootv Player is a customizable ad-free video hosting platform loaded with great features for any business. With an easy upload and sharing option for your videos, creating exciting videos for your audience has never been easier. The customization tools allow you to add texts, designs, and watermarks to your videos.

Features of VadooTv Player:

Here are some of the magnificent features of Vadootv Player that make it a must-have for every business.

Ad-free video hosting platform: 

With ad-free video hosting, you can make sure that the viewers’ attention stays on your content. This feature will help them in avoiding unwanted, annoying advertisements that can cause them to click off.

Customizable Tools:

With a wide variety of editing tools at your disposal, you can customize every detail of the video, from colors to texts. You can add watermarks and symbols to make your videos more recognizable.


Import videos from Youtube, Vimeo, etc.:

You get the option of either directly uploading your videos to Vadoo Player or import them from other platforms. Vadootv Players supports imports from all the video hosting platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Publitio, and AWS.

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Easily share videos: 

With Vadootv Player, you get to choose how you want to share your video content. You can publish it on your website, share it on your social media accounts, or include it in an email. 

Customize with CTA for higher engagement:

Add a CTA pop-up on your video to measure audience engagement. You get to choose all the details regarding the call-to-action, including the time of appearance, color, size, and placement.

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HLS encryption and advanced sharing settings: 

With this innovative video marketing tool, you can even control who can see your videos. The high-level sharing settings of the portal allow you to restrict unwanted parties from viewing your videos.

Real-time analytics of all your videos: 

Vadootv Player provides you with the latest and updated statistics of all your videos. From the number of views to the watch time, and engagement rate, all detail is accessible on the dashboard. 


We all know the importance of marketing, especially video marketing, to attracting more customers and generating higher revenues. If you are looking for a custom-made platform to create more engaging videos, then Vadootv Player is the best solution for you. 

This Ad-free video hosting portal comes with great features that are essential for creating innovative and engaging videos. With complete security of your data and high-speed CDNs for faster loading of your videos, there isn’t any reason for you not to try Vadootv Player.


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  • There is faster video delivery with the use of high-speed CDNs. 
  • The direct video import from all major platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Publitio.
  • Have a complete command over who can view your videos with password protection. 
  • Get instant real-time analytics of your videos from the easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Share videos on your website, through email, or your social media accounts. 
  • High-security cloud-based servers that will protect all your data from being compromised.
  • Available with five different tier levels that are suitable for all sizes of businesses.
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