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Quick Overview

  • VisualSitemaps is an intel tool that generates sitemaps for private and public websites with easy navigation options.
  • With VisualSitemaps, crawl unlimited websites to analyze and review sitemaps and take ideas for your website.
  • VisualSitemas lets you edit your sitemap using a quick and easy drag and drop mechanism for fast results.
  • Using VisualSitemaps, ensure that all the content on your website looks identical and uniform with the visual QA.
  • VisualSitemaps is ideal for everyone from website developers, UI and UX designers to marketing and strategy agencies.

VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal

It is a well-known fact that the higher the traffic on any online website, the higher the viewership will be, resulting in increased sales and revenue. For getting high traffic, every website requires good content, a user-friendly interface, etc. But have you wondered why sometimes websites with identical content have a significant difference in audience exposure and website traffic?

This disparity is attributable to the sitemap of the respective websites. Sitemaps guide search engines by indexing your web pages and recommending them as SERPs to achieve audience attention. That’s why it’s essential to have high-quality visual sitemaps that will help drive the maximum traffic to your website. In this article, we will discuss VisualSitemaps, the perfect visual sitemap generating and editing tool.

What is VisualSitemaps?

VisualSitemaps is a web intel tool that Autogenerate Visual Sitemaps for any online website allowing you to study and adopt their sitemap. With VisualSitemaps, you can crawl any website quickly, with each page taking around 6 seconds. VisualSitemaps also performs scheduled scans to review your competitor’s website and observes all the visual changes, including broken links. You can edit the sitemap to add new pages, edit existing sections, and export them in PDF format. With Visualsitemaps, communicate using the Autogenerate Beautiful Sitemaps & Screenshots by annotating them for efficient feedback generation.


Features of VisualSitemaps

Now that we have covered what VisualSitemaps is and how this web planning tool can help you create and edit your sitemaps and manage the overall content on your website, it is time to know why you need this tool. Here are the top features of VisualSitemaps that help you save time and money:

Generate quick sitemaps for any public or private website:

With VisualSitemaps, you can crawl any internet website and generate its sitemap for your analysis and observation. Now create high-quality visual sitemaps for your website after reviewing any public, private, and password-protected website.

Edit your sitemaps using a simple drag and drop technique:

After generating your sitemap, you can make quick changes to your layout using a drag and drop pattern. You can also duplicate your Autogenerate Visual Sitemaps while rearranging pages, changing titles, adding more sections to arrive at the perfect sitemap.

Maintain uniformity across your content using the visual QA:

Using VisualSitemaps, you can achieve consistency and cohesiveness on your website. Use this web planning tool to ensure that all your content looks similar in style and design while keeping track of all the visual changes to your competitor’s website.

Use screenshot annotations for communication with clients:

Now communicate effortlessly with your team members and clients using VisualSitemaps. You can annotate the Autogenerate Beautiful Sitemaps & Screenshots to get quick and direct feedback. You can regulate and manage your conversations with screenshots status.

Export your sitemaps in various formats and customize them:

Along with obtaining sitemaps for any website, you can export them in multiple formats such as CSV, JSON, and PDF. You can also customize your high-quality visual sitemaps by importing them to online customization tools like Sketch and Adobe Illustrator.

You can create custom tags for filtering and grouping pages:

VisualSitemaps lets you create tags for specific pages on your website. You can group pages and directories and add them under a custom tag. When you Autogenerate Visual Sitemaps using these tags, the search results remain filtered within the specified pages.


We hope this article introduced you to a quick and reliable tool for creating Autogenerate Beautiful Sitemaps & Screenshots for your website. With VisualSitemaps, you can plan and design the sitemap for your website or domain, along with analyzing any public and private website. After gaining helpful insights from your review, you can edit your sitemaps using a simple drag and drop method.

VisualSitemaps’s screenshot annotation feature allows you to follow and manage your conversation with your team members and clients. Using this web planning tool, you can track and organize your content while paying attention to content design and SEO. Anyone looking for a simplified and budget-friendly tool for performing website audits should switch to VisualSitemaps today.

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  • You can perform unlimited crawls on any website using varying crawl depths.
  • Get a quick sitemap for any website with one-page crawling taking 6 seconds.
  • You can export your sitemaps in multiple formats, such as PDF, JSON, and CSV.
  • Now you can schedule automatic crawls to track any visual changes on the site.
  • The visual QA features ensure that every content has a consistent design and format.
  • Organize different pages on your website and group them using custom tags.
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