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Quick Overview

  • Vmaker allows a user to record the screen while using a webcam or any other such device. The recording in 4k pixels resolution.
  • While recording the screen it also catches the audio or the background sound of your monitor.
  • Vmaker is a Video Conferencing Software that makes group video calls and official online meetings smooth and hassle-free.
  • It allows the user to share the recorded video with as many people as he wishes to.
  • It provides video editing tools using which you can crop, merge, trim and edit the recorded video. It also has a drawing feature that is available for free.
  • Vmaker always saves the video after editing as a duplicate copy. Thanks to this feature, the original video remains the same and accessible to the user for altering as per his requirement.
  • On Vmaker a user can draw annotations to make the video look creative. By doing this the content becomes easy to read and understandable.

Vmaker Lifetime Deal

In the present day, people are working remotely. Virtual meetings have become a part of people’s day. Students, professionals, as well as employees, need a proficient app for managing video chats. Vmaker is a Free Webcam and Screen Recorder tool that is available at one’s fingertips. It allows you to conduct virtual business meetings and also gives a feature of installing a virtual attendant for your meetings.

Screen recording takes place without any intrusion or disruption. After the screen recording gets complete, the app automatically saves it to the dashboard. You can also include the sound from your microphones in the recordings. You can edit the videos with the help of various tools available on the app itself.  There will be no watermarking of Vmaker while editing the video.

What is Vmaker?

Vmaker is the Best Video Editor tool that allows the user to add, merge, crop, trim, and resize their videos. It also allows the users to make annotations. This makes their content more informative and appealing. You can add animations as well as creative stickers to your recordings. The edited videos can have numerous people working at them at the same time. This makes the app more engaging.

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Vmaker also allows the users to record the screen without any background audio. A user may choose to include or cancel the background noises at his convenience. It also allows a user to add his voice in the background of a video recording. This helps in recording and editing video lectures or seminars.

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Features of Vmaker

  • Vmaker makes video communication and content creation easier. It enables a user to activate a Do not Disturb mode while recording the screen. It pushes unnecessary notifications to the background.
  • It deletes the videos automatically after a certain time so that it does not block a lot of memory space on the storage cloud.
  • It enables a user to add creative animations to the background while he is using his webcam. You can also custom the background images and picture frames to make them look more effective.
  • It has the option of blurring the screen in the background.
  • Vmaker also allows the flipping or rotating of videos in any direction. It can also merge videos from external sources to the screen recording.
  • The recording and editing happen in a single window. It saves a lot of space on your screen and eliminates the chances of confusion.



Vmaker is a free video recorder and editor. It also enables a user to schedule a virtual meet. Users can record the screen while using a webcam. The recording happens in 4k pixels resolution. While recording the screen it also catches the audio or the background sound of your monitor.

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  • This app is available for both IOS as well as Windows users. A user can install a Vmaker Chrome Plugin. You need to allow the app the access your webcam and microphones to have a trouble-free editing experience.
  • Free Screen Recorder available on Vmaker records the video in top-quality. Even after editing pixelation does not occur. It saves the video in 4k high-resolution quality.
  • It creates a backup of your original video and restores it at any time as per your needs and requirements.
  • Vmaker library vault stores the video after the editing is complete. It gives you free storage space without any premium charges.
  • It can store a bulk of files and videos. It organizes them in such a manner that there is no wastage of time and effort on searching for the desired video.
  • When a user shares a video with several people, he can allow access to various people to edit them.
  • It is an easy-to-use app that allows you to set up meetings or webinars in advance. You can also schedule your screen recordings on Vmaker.
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