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Quick Overview

  • It allows you to leverage a personal video across the customer experience to build trust, drive revenue, and stand out.
  • People can directly reply to your video business cards via audio, video, or text message of their own to start a conversation.
  • You can customize your video message and add your video signatures to your Outlook and Gmail for quick implementation.
  • The website of your business is the front door to it, Warm Welcome makes sure you provide the greeting everyone visiting your website deserve.
  • Make a lasting impression by using this app.

Warm Welcome Lifetime Deal- The printed Business cards get easily lost in the hustle-bustle of meet and greets. Warm Welcome believes that business is best when it is personal, therefore, this video message software allows you to create video business cards for a lasting impression. People can directly reply to your video messages to initiate a useful conversation and bring in new leads. It is an easy and modern way to start communication and make your business stand out amongst the crowd.

You can also create video emails using Warm Welcome and add them to your various accounts, thus, Warm welcome also makes you stand out amongst the email crowd. You can also send customized emails complete with your video message, and brand video. It is perfect for sending congratulations, checking in with a company, or just answering questions. What is even better is that recipients can reply with their text, video, or audio messages for a more engaging conversation.

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Warm Welcome also ensures that you do not leave people hanging either. It sorts each message into a threaded conversation so that you and the customer can see the entire conversation in place and makes it easier to track. Therefore, it ensures that you reply to every useful conversation to your business. You can send or reply to message of any type (audio, video, or text) and make every interaction as smooth as possible. 

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The video message software creates a perfect video greeting to be on the homepage of your website, since your website is the front door of your business. So, when the consumer visits your website, they get greeted with a video message from the CEO, or maybe the whole team, setting the right tone for the content of the website. Warm Welcome also provides you the option to record a single message for the front page or create a complete playlist that lets you create a different video for every different page, inculcating a great dosage of variety. 

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The Warm welcome app also lets you create video bubbles, so that the customers can ask and get responses right from the video bubble. Or it even allows you to go big and embed a full-sized video player anywhere on your website with the video page feature. 

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Also, it takes a load off your back by making sure you do not have to answer the same three questions about your business repeatedly. Video playlists let you record any number of video messages at the end of your message to transition into a flow without any editing. What is exciting is that you can start with a personal greeting, talk about your business, and then head right into the FAQ drill without any friction. 

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A lasting impression is hard to make when you are trapped in still images and amidst loads of text. Use Warm Welcome to show your true business side to your consumers via video emails, greetings, video business cards to stand out from the crowd. Treat your customers with heartful greetings, and a face-to-face video experience since it is time to stop giving the customers a cold shoulder.

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  • Grab the attention of people via video messages and site bubbles.
  • The consumer can directly reply to your video message to start a useful conversation.
  • Use personal video messages and video email signatures to attract traffic and improve the relationship with customers.
  • Every message is automatically sorted into a threaded conversation for easy tracking.
  • Video Playlists allows you to add any number of pre-recorded video messages to provide a seamless flow.
  • Provides lifetime access.
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