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Quick Overview

  • Wave video comes with a comprehensive library of assets including music, images, and videos. 
  • Facilitates to change for maths easily ranging from 16:9 to 1:1. 
  • Allows making professional-looking videos really quick and easy. 
  • One can edit anything readily within the editor ranging from replacing images or videos to transforming text animations as well as adding captions and many more. 
  • A wide assortment of templates available. 
  • Enables uploading personal fonts, videos, and images. 
  • Best For: Digital marketing agencies, digital marketers, video marketers, social media managers, ad managers, content managers, entrepreneurs, SMBs, startups, bloggers, vloggers, influencers.

Wave video happens to be a video marketing software that combines cloud-based video hosting, a first-rate online editing tool kit, along with the landing page builder all in one place. The unification of all these technologies makes this video editing software efficient and allows users to experience a perfect workflow within the platform. 

Being the best video editing software for marketing, wave video is perfect for repurposing, publishing, and making videos on social media, websites, emails, and blogs. It can be considered as a game-changer for companies aiming to enhance the return of interest for each stage concerning the marketing funnel utilizing videos. 

Make a Stunning Video - Wave Video
Make a Stunning Video – Wave Video

It is the best video marketing software that comes with an all in one editor allowing users to readily see each of the tools they have available and get instant ideas of what they wish to publish or achieve, being able to make an original piece of content

The best part of wave video is that it arrives with a complete package including a hosting platform, options for making animated videos, a video editor, as well as a wide range of stock videos and images within their plans. 

wavevideo 2

One can easily set their brand process to make their editing quicker and stick to their brand. It also comes with a comparatively advanced editor and the feature and characteristics to add transcripts readily are really beneficial. The easy resize option gives the ability to repurpose videos. 

For shorter jobs or specific jobs ideal for social media, this video marketing software happens to be a huge time-saver thereby delivering notable results. Users will also love the stock audio feature as it remembers the settings previously fixed as preset, thereby acting as a time saver. 

wavevideo 3

It is the best video editing software for marketing that helps make beneficial promotional videos, particularly short ones for social media advertising. Apart from that, it comes with great pricing along with the free plan which is perfect for someone looking forward to trying out the platform. 

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It comes with a number of templates that users can pick for making videos that appeal to them the most. Maximum templates happen to be premium but it refers to a good starting point for new users. It also comes with a Media library with lots of images and videos that one can add to the editor with simple clicks. 

wavevideo 5

The Media library of wave video happens to be well organized with the search button and numerous categories. One can crop it to receive the best resolution as there are two built-in resolutions which happen to be a comment square for Instagram and another resolution for other platforms. Other than these, one can add stickers, logos, text, and many more to make it colorful and beautiful. There is also an option for uploading personalized logos and using a watermark on them thereby making it really interesting and user-friendly.

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