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Quick Overview

  • Wisecut is an AI-based video editing tool with an auto-cut feature to remove pause breaks from your videos.
  • With Wisecut, you can edit small clips of your videos for use across social media platforms or future videos.
  • Wisecut’s punch in/out feature uses facial recognition to create the illusion of a second camera with closer shots.
  • Use the storyboard editing mode of Wisecut to reach different parts of your video using texts and keywords.
  • With Wisecut, you can select a background score for your videos and balance it with the auto-ducking feature.

Wisecut Lifetime Deal

Videos are a unique way of creating high engagement with your audience. With an added option of face-to-face interaction, you are more likely to connect with the viewer better. Though videos are an easy way of boosting your audience engagement, video editing is one of the most time-consuming processes.

But what if we shared with you a quick way of editing your videos with AI-powered tools to deliver the best results in a short time? Wisecut is an Automatic Video Editor and has unique features to help you edit your videos and create subtitles to produce beautiful videos for all your needs. Continue reading to know what this powerful video editor can do.

What is Wisecut?

Wisecut is a powerful video editing tool packed with AI features. With this video editor, online video editing is made easy with automatic features like auto-cut silence, auto punch in, and auto audio ducking. Wisecut will remove all pauses from your videos and create organic jump cuts. You can also generate subtitles with 95% accuracy and even convert them into five languages. The storyboard editing feature allows you to edit your videos by altering the text, thanks to the ai voice recognition software in Wisecut.


Features of Wisecut

Now that we have explained what Wisecut is and this AI-powered video editing software can help, it’s time to know why you need this tool in your life. Here are the top features of Wisecut that will help you save time.

Wisecut 1

Edit out pause and silence from your videos with the auto-cut silence:

With Wisecut, you can automatically edit out the silence and pauses from your videos to create seamless jump cuts. This Automatic Video Editor will provide you statistics of the number of edits and jump cuts added.

Wisecut 2

Use the smart background feature to get the perfect score for your video:

Wisecut gives you the option to add background music to your videos from the curated library. With this video editor, online royalty-free music to personalized tunes, you can use any score for your videos.

Wisecut 3

Boost the engagement with the automatic subtitle with around 95% accuracy:

Wisecut will automatically add subtitles with ai voice recognition software with an accuracy of 95%. You can also manually edit them. Videos with subtitles generate a high viewership and reduced bounce rate.


Auto translation lets you convert your subtitles into five different languages:

With this video editing software, you can translate your video subtitles into five languages. You can choose from Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, and German to boost the engagement of your videos.

Wisecut 4

Make faster tweaks to your videos with the storyboard editing mode:

Edit faster with Wisecut’s storyboard editing mode that lets you find parts of the video using texts. With this Automatic Video Editor, make adjustments to your video by changing the text on the speech-to-text dashboard.


The automatic audio ducking delivers the best audio with AI-based balancing:

Automatic audio ducking will balance the audio of your video to remove unnecessary background noise. This video editing online will reduce the background score when someone is speaking to enable clear hearing.



We hope that Wisecut will help you edit videos smartly using the various AI-powered tools. This video editing software will do most of the work editing pauses to create seamless jump cuts and generating highly accurate subtitles. You can easily upload any video to Wisecut and export the final product to Youtube or download it to your device.

With this AI voice recognition software, you can edit your videos directly by editing the text. Along with creating subtitles, you can also convert them into five popular languages for increased audience engagement. Get your hands on Wisecut and start editing your videos like a pro.

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  • Choose a background score from the library or let Wisecut do it for you.
  • Wisecut automatically removes pauses and creates jump cuts in your videos.
  • Generate subtitles with 95% accuracy and get the option to edit them.
  • Directly export your video to Youtube or other platforms or download them.
  • Make edits to your videos using the quick speech-to-text dashboard.
  • Get statistics of the auto edits, jump cuts, subtitles of what the editor did.
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