Wiser Notify Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Build instant trust and credibility through more than 10 social proof solution and notifications, including reviews, youtube reviews, and conversations.
  • Get more than 60 templates, more than 150 integrations, and several widgets like reviews feed, and announcements.
  • WiserNotify is best for Social proof for Saas Businesses, and E-commerce marketing in search of a social proof solution to build credibility.
  • Allows the user to use nudges to apply marketing effects like FOMO, and scarcity that enable you to save on acquisition, and increase conversion.
  • Enables you to understand the audience behavior on notifications, and helps you in managing your future customer engagement strategies.

Wiser Notify Lifetime Deal- Whether it was for a new phone, a club, or a new store, we’ve all stood in a queue because we’ve heard the hype. But with the instant rise of online shopping, creating a similar hype for your e-commerce store can be difficult.

Don’t worry! WiserNotify has got your back.

WiserNotify is a tool that provides a customizable social proof solution with widgets and notifications to build increase sales, and build trust. It also provides social proof for Saas businesses.

WiserNotify will have you up and running within minutes via Pixel Code Install.

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Pixel code install works with both page building tools and the website. With WiserNotify, you’ll have access to recent sales notifications, and visitor feeds. 

Get real-time recommendations and review notifications straight from Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

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With WiserNotify you get to display your YouTube channel statistics like the number of videos, subscribers, likes, and comments. 

Notifications and announcements keep the user up to date with the latest offers, while handy widgets like video pop-ups, timers supply, and social media counters provide another gentle nudge.

Let your inner designer run wild!

With over 60 notification templates to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice with WiserNotify. Control shape, animation, background, size, image, and so much more to create that perfect brand fit.

With the language translator, you can make your brand easy to access for online customers as well as you can add interactive calls-to-action to convert buyers, and get clicks.

WiserNotify lets you get the right message to the right people, unfailingly!

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You get to decide when and how to show the notifications via WiserNotify’s robust display palette. Also, with the provision of displaying dynamic notifications to a targeted audience via live data sources, and display rules, you get to know exactly how well your notifications are doing with WiserNotify’s reports and analytics. 

The notification performance data displays the number of visitors, hover, clicks, and impressions, plus analytics on each notification for a better understanding of visitor responses. 

Use the detailed reports, and analytics to improve on your engagement strategies.

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The platform of WiserNotify is white-label friendly, which allows you to use it for your clients and enhance marketing campaigns quickly. You also get to add staff accounts to allocate work and create teams in case of larger projects for optimum results.

Also, get a major bump in business after your future clients get to see all those testimonials on your website.

Show live and recent activities

Let visitors to your e-commerce platform know what other visitors took action when they visited the website. This helps you in building website credibility and influences the decision of visitors when they take similar action. The live visitor tool shows how many customers or visitors are online. You can also show notifications of real people taking action on your website like – signing up, downloading, starting free trials, or subscribing.

You’d never go to a restaurant that never has any customers, even though the menu might be lip-smacking. WiserNotify helps your visitors know that you’ve got fan-galore and customers, and ensures that people will hop onto the bandwagon. The platform gives you tons of customizable notifications, along with targeting display settings, and integration with other platforms.

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  • Super easy setup with more than 20 social proof solution nudges, and widgets!
  • Choose from a collection of 60+ templates.
  • Control the size, image, shape, background, animation, and so much more.
  • Show dynamic notifications to the targeted audience via live data sources, and display rules.
  • Use detailed analytics reports to improve audience engagement.
  • Add staff accounts, and white label the entire platform to enhance marketing campaigns.
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