WP Compress Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • WP Compress is an image compressor software online that is available as a plugin in WordPress.
  • It enables shrinking and resizing the images to reduce the loading time to the minimum.
  • Images seek the attention of the viewers and create a conversational environment. They provide a better online surfing experience.
  • It increases the rating of your content and website. It also helps in linking a bulk of websites.
  • A large image compressor drops off the quality of the image and it gets pixelated. WP compress does not reduce the quality of the image and also improves the loading time.
  • The image appears the same every time you visit the website.

WP Compress Lifetime Deal

Pictures and videos available on a webpage are the foregleams of the content it has in store for the reader. The reading content accessible on a website is beautifully assisted by the images that will arouse curiosity in the viewer. These images, gifs, videos, and stickers comprise more than 40% of the total content. Then, arises the need to compress and resize image as it has attachments can make it difficult for a website to load completely. Image Optimizer software enables faster image loading in real-time. It produces a satisfactory response from the viewer and also decreases the bounce rate. These image optimizers help in maintaining adaptive images that can flexibly change their size as per the visitors’ screen and device of engagement.

What is WP Compress?

Using a WP compress is an uncomplicated task. It is a fully automatic image optimization tool. It is an independent and self-governing aid that leads to maximum size saving. The user can easily link his website with the WP compress tool and can optimize the images and videos for its content in just one click. You can avail of its membership as per utilization and operational requirement. It provides a safe and secure means of optimization as it does not allows duplicity and averts over & under optimization. All the picture sizes are available for the usage of the consumer. WP compress does not charge extra credits for different thumbnails of the same image. These small images or page themes are available for free for the users. It provides the feature of CDN (content delivery network). It reduces the waiting time for the user while the images get loaded by the server.

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Features of WP Compressor:

  • It is an affordable tool. People can easily avail themselves of the membership.
  • WP compress is the best image resizer. It helps in saving the file size by shrinking its size while maintaining its quality.
  • It is a fully automatic image optimization tool. It is an independent and self-governing aid that leads to maximum size saving.
  • Optimizing and resizing your content is just one click away if you are using a WP compress.

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  • You can select pictures for optimization. If you want to retain any picture in its real shape and size you can exclude it from the majority that needs optimization.
  • It creates a backup of your original image and restores it at any time as per your needs and requirements.
  • It provides a three-level optimization and unlimited free access to the backups on the WP compress cloud.
  • It provides high-resolution images as well as retina images.



The world has become a global village due to the advancement in technologies. Images and web content available on your website make it easier for the consumer to access your business. Therefore, the images used need to be catchy and should require the minimum load time so that the viewer does not shift to your competitors’ website. This is possible by using WP Compress, an online image compressor.

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  • It helps in capturing the attention span of the readers.
  • Store the images and videos in the WordPress library vault. Optimize these images with the help of an image optimizer for WordPress agencies
  • This Online Image Сompressor automatically compresses and resizes JPEGs and Gif images.
  • You can also create a backup of your original image and restore it at any time as per your needs and requirements.
  • It helps in reducing and saving the file size up to 72-75%. Resize and alter it later easily using this software.
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