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Quick Overview

  • Manage your projects, assign tasks, create milestones, share files and events, and track business performance
  • Alternative to: WordPress Client Portal
  • Send estimates and invoices to your clients and get paid online with just a few clicks
  • Best for: Project managers, finance departments, and small teams looking to consolidate their day-to-day processes in one place

WPPacks is a Project Management Tool that makes it easy for website owners on WordPress to manage all the functions in one place. It is a single plugin that can aid website developers and owners to manage their clients. In a world where there is a new website going live every day with a plethora of content is effectively controlled, which is a difficult task.

Tracking your business’s performance is an uphill task, manage that with this business accounting software. It facilitates the user to manage his clients, projects, financial, and accounting records.

Introduction to WPPacks

WPPacks is one of the best Project Management Software available for Project Managers, Finance Departments, and small teams to do all their work in one place. WordPress Portal provides you with an interactive interface that can make your business more efficient than ever. You can easily communicate and manage all your clients from managing their projects to sending estimates and invoices to them and them getting your payments done online.

Moreover, you can collaborate with your employees and clients to access the project; it makes assigning the task easier and helps you to keep track of project development. With this Project Management Tool, the user can select the client they want to work with and sync it with their clients.

Functionalities of WPPacks

1. Setting Milestones:

A business is not possible to run properly without a perfect set of milestones as they help in keeping track not only of payments but also submit the tasks to your clients. Sharing files and assets with this project management tool becomes more comfortable with its easy to use interface.

wpportal 1

2. Sharing with the team:

Managing a project and assigning tasks becomes comfortable with this best project management software. You can make your staff collaborate on projects to make it a smooth process of completing and submitting the assignment.

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3. Account Management:

Managing business financial and accounting can be effectively done by keeping track of all the incomes and expenses with robust business accounting software. One can easily send invoices and receive timesheet for seamless payments.

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4. Client Management:

You can add multiple clients on your interface for smooth working and tracking of the project with this project management tool. Moreover, you can add and share tasks and events with selected contacts from your client account.

wpportal 5

5. All in one Plugin:

With this Project Management tool, the user can easily manage projects, clients, and finances from a user-friendly white dashboard that does not require any installation process.

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WPPacks is undoubtedly one of the best project management software for Project Managers, Small business Owners, Finance Departments of the Companies to help them manage, share, and update their payments at one place. It not only lets you save your precious time but helps in making the business grow more efficiently. It helps to manage projects, accounting, and keeping track of the performance of your business and website.

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  • Integrated Documentation
  • Easy for Managing clients, Projects, tracking events, and for creating milestones
  • One-stop for all client Records
  • Best for File Sharing
  • Track business performance and financial records
  • Unlimited Team members
  • Unlimited Clients and Guests
  • Branding and Discussion
  • Send estimates and invoices to clients.
  • Easy for assigning tasks and tracking transaction
  • Best for Accounting and record Management
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Credit Card and PayPal Payments
  • Day-to-day processes at one place
  • Timesheets
  • Recurring Payments
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