Youengage Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

Youengage is an animation video creator that helps in enhancing the vibe of your events. You can make the best use of this for user engagement and generate leads all with the help of creating content that targets the users.

The virtual events can work better on interactivity as you will be able to help your users with the opportunity to put forward their queries, vote during the polls, and have a better experience while streaming the live videos. This platform is one of the best ways that helps you in getting feedbacks and take futuristic steps accordingly.

Youengage Lifetime Deal

Youengage is a platform for animation videos. It brings forward its intuitive and easy-to-use editor that empowers the user in the best possible way. You can transform your events by discovering the creative features which Youengage has. With this platform, you can opt for the creation of custom interactive experiences that have a major role to play in boosting site engagement. It also helps in enhancing the efficiency of social media campaigns.


As a new Youengage user, if you don’t have an already existing account you will be able to get through the features. After creating an account, you will be able to make use of the following features:

Youengage 4

  • You can go for the live polls, questions, and answers that can be embedded anywhere
  • The plans offer unlimited projects, events, along with answer scoring
  • You can opt for custom themes and colors for curating creative interactive content

Youengage 1

  • You get instant answer feedback and can also assign the values for various scores and calculations
  • There is a custom thankyou screen to enhance the visibility. Also, the screens have multiple results. You can get your hands on the responses and analytics with the help of the data export (xls)

Youengage 2

  • With Youengage, you can also opt for live video integration, logic jumps and use the custom variables
  • The application also helps you with the exit links and redirecting them to the requirement
  • With the available plans, you can also opt for event moderation

Youengage 3

  • The integrations available are Zapier, SALESmanago, and HubSpot


Plans and Benefits

You can avail of the single plan at a one-time purchase of $49. This is a starter plan that allows as many as 500 event participants and 2,500 responses in a month. The double and multiple plans can be availed at a one-time purchase of $97 and $147 respectively. For the double plan, you get 10,000 responses in a month and for the multiple one, there are 25,000 responses. Also, you get 1,000 and 5,000 event participants for these respectively.

The double plan is professional while the multiple one benefits your business needs. The features in all the 3 plans are the same. However, in the multiple plans, you get the added advantage of the support on priority along with a customized domain.

The deal terms include the following:

  • You get lifetime access to the starter, professional and, business plans available.
  • It is advised for you to redeem the codes within 60 days from the date of purchase
  • You get to avail the updates in all the three available plans
  • You can stack up to 5 codes
  • GDPR compliant
  • As the name suggests, this is for the new users who do not have accounts that exist already
  • You can get your money back within 60 days as a guarantee, no matter what the reason is


If you are looking for an animation video creator that enhances your videos and generates splendid leads for you, Youengage should be your pick. The deliverable tools are satisfying the vibrant needs of a wide customer base. This is a trusted source when it comes to upscale your operations and simultaneously, improve the customers’ engagement.

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  • The admin panel allows you to make use of features like quizzes, surveys, and polls, along with calculators.
  • You can also opt for a live Q&A round and other features as per your need.
  • In your plan, you can make use of the features that are important and play an applaudable role in user-engagement
  • You can enable the formula creator for the enhancement of your interactive experiences with more of the use cases.
  • Also, you can opt to drive feedback even though you are not familiar with the process of coding. All you need to do is embed the content that has been created and move forward.
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