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Quick Overview

  • ZEROLN is a digital platform for inspecting LinkedIn precisely to collect business emails and account information.
  • ZEROLN allows you to pitch your cold emails perfectly and accurately for better outreach.
  • This software helps to strengthen the ability of LinkedIn for your inspecting goals and in addition make sure that business emails collected are accurate.
  • It is an alternative option to contact out that helps the user to precisely collect business data and emails to use for your outreach campaign.
  • ZEROLN can export, import, and manipulate your data in the user portal which is like a customer relationship management (CRM) of this software.
  • This digital platform gives you 100% accuracy and the quality of data is never compromised.

ZeroIn Lifetime Deal

ZEROLN is software whose technological expertise tools motivates its user’s competitive skills. That expertise and skills are being supported by key java technologies, libraries, and frameworks. The key features of this digital platform are automated testing and quality assurance services as it is considered to be the best way to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of data testing. It finds problems faster than the coding of its user. It helps in estimating, managing, implementing, placing, managing its systems on the behalf of business organizations. The specialists of this software have ample knowledge and practical experience required for the execution of any dynamic project. All the information about the client and collected from the client is considered confidential and is kept in complete secrecy. This type of information is only shared only with the client’s permission. It has a 3 step email verification that ensures the email received by the user is valid and is not expected to bounce in the future. For better outreach the user can easily upload the new or existing data to any campaign, can export or move or copy the data anywhere. It is very helpful for people who are in the B2B business. It helps you automatically extract data according to your ideal customer profile and buyers’ personality. It verifies the information in real-time and also alerts the user of fake or duplicate addresses.


  • It provides you with verified business emails and data to search for the ideal bunch of leads for purpose of examining and additionally monitors the email you have.


  • It has a bulk extraction feature to move the data to Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, and others. Also, it allows the users to upload their already made list of leads to ZEROLN from the user portal to get it checked and verified precisely.


  • Also unlike other software, ZEROLN allows you to even extract the data without verified emails to get a better idea about the target audience for contents and other initiatives
  • It has a feature named user portal to collect all your data and can abstract business information and emails individually and to get all the fruitful data at once.
  • It gives you access to a CRM tool that is the customer relationship management where the user can edit, store, update the data or move it anywhere on CVS and pipe drive.


ZEROLN is a digital platform for examining LinkedIn to collect business emails and account information. It allows you to expand your outreach by pitching your email perfectly. It provides special features like email and chats support, list management, free data extraction, support for LinkedIn basic and premium, and 26 data points on accounts.

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  • ZEROLN helps you find and verify all the business data and emails from LinkedIn for high-quality leads.
  • It allows you to upgrade and assemble the business information in bulk and also creates different email campaigns for segregated outreach.
  • This software is best for growth hackers and the development of sales reps who want to productively use the data on LinkedIn for prospecting clients.
  • This digital platform allows you to collect all the information like emails, phone numbers, titles of job, and 26 other points of data, either your LinkedIn account is paid or free; the only thing you have to do is select your criteria of search and see it working.
  • It allows you to use the extracted data from LinkedIn for increasing your sales cold email outreach, marketing outreach, or to generate audiences for advertising it on social media platforms.
  • The data collection can be done directly from search results and a single profile.
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