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Quick Overview

  • Schedule 1:1, group, and remote meetings automatically with easy calendar synchronization
  • Alternative to: Calendly
  • Give clients an easy one-click booking method with scheduling links
  • Best for: Salespeople, support reps, and marketers who want to book meetings faster and eliminate back-and-forth emails

When any necessary contact requests for a meeting, you do not want to waste time adopting the “when will you be free?” tango.

Attempting to evade the danger zone of scheduling disputes on your calendars is enough to make heads spin.

Evade the tiresome email transfers and get to the workable stuff.

Meet the AI meeting planner, Zoom.ai. Zoom.ai is an AI-powered multi-video conference software. It is created to help you book and connect faster so that you can go back to concentrating on your customers.

Zoom.ai manages each of your 1:1, video, and group meetings for a seamless scheduling process.

Utilizing AI, Zoom.ai, being the best video conferencing software, syncs with calendars, request meetings according to your schedule. Also, it sends instant notifications to attendees.

zoomai 1

With this video chat software, you can share the scheduling URL. It provides your clients with the capability to choose the meeting time according to your real-time accessibility.

Whether you are meeting with various external and internal stakeholders or enjoying a comfortable 1:1 with a work best friend, Zoom.ai determines the most suitable time for meetings according to your set demands.

You may rest assured, comprehending that each of your meetings can be scheduled as workable.

Zoom.ai happens to be compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom.us, Webex, Google, and further.

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Thus, no matter what video conferencing portal is your chosen, you will be ready to join Zoom.ai meetings. You can auto-populate links for your planned meetings.

You can also install a Zoom.ai scheduler on your site. It can help you with turning traffic into potential leads quicker and substituting the need for a form on your sales meeting page.

Furthermore, if you need a charge when scheduling your consultations, online classes, or extra 1:1 paid sessions, Zoom’s Collect Payments feature got you covered.

zoomai 3

Due to the extensive AI machine learning tools, Zoom.ai recognizes your meeting patterns, work habits, and contacts’ connection strength.

Utilizing the feature of People Insights, the tool extracts available data connects with your guests. Also, the data obtained in your relevant CRM or ATS connects.

If you need to make some new connections, you’ll be capable of using the feature of Warm Intros. It helps you recognize which of the existing contacts understands them completely. Zoom.ai likewise knows the value of partnership.

zoomai 4

You can book conferences on account of different colleagues. Also, choose conferences for any company member, and assign your team’s availability with customers.

Most beneficial of all? This video chat software supports you in prioritizing work-life equilibrium.

Moreover, the templates of Meeting Types allow you to update your meeting settings. You can use them again for quicker meeting bookings.

That indicates that you can evade back-to-back conferences or schedule over private meetings to meet busy buyers.

No matter what, Zoom.ai guarantees that each of your meetings occurs definitely when you need them to.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • All-in-one Meeting Scheduling
  • Custom Meeting Types
  • Smart Time Settings
  • Meeting Briefings
  • Scheduling Notifications
  • Group Meetings
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
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